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Teaching Staff


Meet The English Language  Team

Dr Gamal Hassan 

English IGCSE (Cambridge) Course
code: 0510 & 0511, 0991, 0993
IELTS Preparation -  Academic or General Training - SAT Teaching

Dr Gamal Hassan is a graduate of the Faculty of Languages (Al-Alsun) Class 82, Very Good. He got the CELTA in 2008. He became Cambridge-certified teacher trainer in 2017.

  • He has been teaching local and international English in Egypt, Kuwait, and KSA for more than 30

  • years.

  • He has got a long experience in teaching IGCSE / ESL and

  • IELTS. He has also attended and contributed to many language conferences, symposiums, and workshops.


  • He has been teaching English at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia since 2006.

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