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Teaching Staff


Meet The Math

Mr Mohamed Zaghloul

Maths Teacher AS/AL/SAT/IB

Mr Mohamed  teaching mathematics since more than 15 years supported with my diversified knowledge in different sciences and my huge passion towards education and towards educating human beings.


He has Bsc in Electrical Engineering from Cairo university with an honor degree, Master in business, ongoing doctorate in finance and in quantitative analysis.


He has been teaching A level IG Math since 12 years including its main components and its optional components for both Edexcel and Cambridge, SAT 1 Math and SAT 2 Math since 13 years,  SL and HL IB Math since 5 years and teaching at international school for 4 years.

Main teaching techniques

Customizing the course to meet the needs of the students.

Linking math to real life applications.

Mastering math different techniques and tools by a lot of

practice and by building a mind map for different lessons.

Motivating and coaching the students not learning them only.

Providing weekly feedback based on the students overall


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