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Online Courses from anywhere around the world you can take your course with STO Teaching Staff Team (STO) is a professional website for teaching all courses

IGCSE- AS- A2- AL & SAT & IB & Egyptian Curriculum

With a professional teaching staff.

All that you need your computer or laptop with a net connection and enjoy with your teacher.

We have a Follow Up system to our students as the following:

1- Providing students the teachers' notes.

2- Solving with them Classified Past Exam Questions during the explanation and classwork.

3- Solving the Past Exam Questions (Full Exam Papers) with a general revision

4- Students have Homework after each session, the teacher will send it by email to them. The students have to solve it and returned back for correction.

For more information contact us:

WhatsApp: 00201024656004

Follow Up us:

Facebook: S-Teaching Online Centre Page


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